Brain Squeezins? Ewwwww…

Formerly called Writing In Suburbia, this newsletter/podcast/whatever originally began as a way for me to voice my opinions on how to navigate the writer’s life. Intended for pro writers, those that want to be pro writers, and anyone interested in the crazy business that is publishing, Writing In Suburbia has helped dozens of new, and old, writers find a little solace in this crazy business/life.

Of course, all things evolve. Like, I am no longer living in Suburbia hence the name change. Also, being a professional writer doesn’t mean you make a full-time living at it. I have a day job. And, to be frank, I’m kinda all done telling folks about the writing life. Mainly because success in the Arts comes down to two things- luck and timing. You can only explain that to people so many times.

So what the hell is this thing now? It’s whatever it may be. Free fiction. Audio plays/podcasts. Experimental stuffs. Maybe interviews with other creatives. Audio readings of my books that haven’t been produced as audiobooks. Who knows?

Things move slowly with me, so hang in there. You’ll always get a weekly release of free micro-fiction in the Friday Night Drabble Party. That’s a guarantee. Other stuffs will trickle in here and there.

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So subscribe now and hang on for whatever ride this turns out to be. I guarantee that something wild will happen at some point because it always does. I just can’t say when. Anticipation is half the fun, right?

Oh, and I used to have a Paid Subscription option, but fuck that. You want to thank me monetarily? Buy one of my books or audiobooks or option a novel for a feature film or hire me to create a TV series, etc. You get the picture.

Most of all, just enjoy the words and whatnot.

Why do I matter?

I’m a Bram Stoker Award nominated-novelist, award-winning novelist, short story writer, independent screenwriter, podcaster, audiobook narrator/producer, and inventor of the Drabble Novel. I have over a decade of experience as a professional writer/creator beginning with the podcasting of my first novel, DEAD MECH, back in 2007-2008. I was part of the second half of the first wave of podcasting way back in 2007. I know stuff.

I’m a co-host of the Asheville/WNC Writers Coffeehouse going on three years now (on hiatus, unfortunately), helping mentor and advise new writers on the business of writing and publishing. Got a question about publishing and/or professional writing? Hit me up! I’m always here to help!

I’ve entertained thousands and reached audiences of all ages with my uncanny ability to write a wide range of characters and genres. I’m the author of 65+ novels including the bestselling Z-Burbia series set in Asheville, NC, the bestselling Salvage Merc One, the bestselling ROAK series, the Apex Trilogy (DEAD MECH, The Americans, Metal and Ash) and the Mega series, as well as the YA zombie novel, Little Dead Man, the Bram Stoker Award-nominated Teen horror novel, Intentional Haunting, the middle grade scifi/horror ScareScapes series. Looking for something Game of Thrones-ish? I’ve got my Reign of Four series, which I call “medieval space fiction”. And more!

Oh, and what’s a drabble?

To put it simply, a drabble is a short short story written using only 100 words. Not 99 words, not 101 words, but 100 words exactly.

Now, knowing the Internet and its denizens the way I do, I know some of you want more, so here is a link to the Wikipedia page: Drabble

Okay, something you won’t find on the Internet is the answer to the question: What’s a Drabble Novel? Why? Because I made it up.

Yep, I created an entirely new literary form.

By stringing together a series of drabbles, I created long form fiction out of a micro-fiction style.

You can check out my Drabble Novel, Dead Mech, here!

Why write a novel in 100 word sections? Well, it really began as an exercise in character and plot development. Then I realized I could start piecing these together as bits of scenes. Viola, the very first Drabble Novel was born! It also allowed me to easily move pieces around to control the pacing and timing of the narrative.

Why do I like drabbles so much that I write one each week and give it away for free?

Well, because I am full of ideas (and other stuff… shut up) and a drabble lets me get those ideas out. I want to write about ghosts and ghoulies, aliens and space cowboys, serial killers and world dominating ponies, you know, the basic stuff. But, who wants to read another short story about all of those things? And who says a 1000 word story or 10,000 word story is going to pack any more punch than 100 words? I can write my quick tale and move on and hopefully entertain a few people at the same time.

And that’s it. What a drabble is and why I write them.


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Jake Bible is the author of 60+ novels, a Bram Stoker Award nominated-novelist, short story writer, podcaster, and inventor of the Drabble Novel.