Get it?

The Zelaunch has arrived!

Look at that sexy banner. Look at it!

After several months of planning and execution, I have finally relaunched the Z-Burbia series on my own. No publisher getting between me and my readers. All the Z-Burbia be mine!


So click your poison -ebook (rectangle) or audiobook (square)- and check out all the new covers THEN go get yourself some Z-Burbia!


So many exclamation points!

PS- Z-Burbia 7: Sisters of the Apocalypse has been retconned. I never really wanted it to be part of the original series. It was intended as a full spinoff, but there was pressure to keep it in the series directly. In the end it didn’t turn into the novel I wanted so I have killed it. Not to worry! Like all good zombies, it will rise again in a different way. Stay tuned!