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OG The Americans Podcast- Ep 2

OG The Americans Podcast- Ep 2

Welcome to Episode 2 of the original podcast version of The Americans!

If you aren’t familiar with The Americans, it’s the sidequel to DEAD MECH. Both novels take place simultaneously, so you can listen to either one first. But, odds are, you’ve probably already listened to DEAD MECH.

What’s cool about this podcast re-release is all of my intro commentaries are still intact! I haven’t listened to them all, but the ones I have listened to are hilarious. Or embarrassing. Or somewhat confusing. I was a lot younger back then. Sigh…

So, kick back and relax with a little time travel back to…2011? Dang…

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Whatever way you choose to listen and consume this blast from the past, I hope you have a good time.


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Brain Squeezins with Jake Bible
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