Oct 14, 2020 • 24M

OG DEAD MECH Podcast- Ep 1

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A podcast (and newsletter) by a guy just trying to navigate the complexities of being a professional writer, husband, father, and decent person.
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Look at that baby! It’s the original podcast graphic for the Dead Mech podcast first released back in 2008. Damn…

So, going forward, a new episode will drop once a week.

Don’t want to wait for the weekly episode? Well, you can get access to them all right now by subscribing! (Paid Subscribers got this a week ahead of everyone else. Just sayin’.)

A Paid Subscription gives you full access to this podcast as well as all the other extras that are tucked away out of sight.

Whatever way you choose to listen and consume this blast from the past, I hope you have a good time.